My creative head?

A while ago I posted a blog where I wrote about the fact that The Economist wanted to get inside of my head. They wanted to learn how I am creative. This is something that is not easy for me to write down because there is no easy answer.

First they want to know my current profession. Well, for the public I am a blogger. That is how I title myself theese days. I used to work in national tv and radio for 15 years, but a blogpost in october last year changed my current profession.  I wrote about some famous people in Norway , among them a colleague, and my boss didn’t like it. But I still mean what I wrote so live with it! I started in local radio in Stavanger where I lived at the time and was headhunted for nationalradio after four years. I moved to Oslo and worked in radio for many years before Tv Norge contacted me. I don’t know if I want to work in tv/radio anymore…time will show.

I grew up in Stavanger and The Economist wants to know how  it influenced who I am today? I don’t think how I grew up has anything to do with how I work/think creative. Either you are or you aren’t creative. I have always had need to express myself in some way and blogging is therefor perfect for me. Here I am my own boss, can write what I want, when I want and I’m learing lots about sosial media while doing this.

Outside work or spending time in front of my computer I LOVE working out or climbing a new mountain top. It has to be outside in fresh air and I’m always extremely creative after working out. My brain doesn’t function if I don’t use my body and get that blod pumping.


I’m also very passionate about my two kids. I spend alot of time with them and ofcourse I drag them with me on all of my mountiantoptrips.

What was the last thing that made you laugh? That must be headlines on lots of the newspaper/gossip pages I follow online. They are crazy and so out of control! I love to blog about their focus and the «famous» people they write about. That makes me laugh. Yeah I am one of them and that is even more funny…makes it even more crazy that they write about what I write on MY blog. Weird world!!

My ThinkingSpace must be when I’m outside working out, because if I don’t, I’m not creative. This must be my ThinkingSpace picture


The objects in this picture is a mountaintop and a cairn.  For me this means one thing «I DID IT»! I made it to the top, my body works, I have lots of new ideas and I get intouch with myself. I feel free and spirituell but if I don’t work out or get some alone time, I get depressed and I just don’t feel good. This is hard to explain in english….I should have made a videoblog. I speak much better than I write. Obs…there my head goes in a different direction again. Videoblog, why didn’t I think of that previously? Hm….

When it comes to favorite web pages this changes for me every week. I find new things that inspire me and I stay there for a while. Then I move on and see other sites that give me what I need right there and then. I read about 50 sites every day and maybe 30 blogs now. This is me. When it comes to Spotify,…..I’m not there yet. Enough pr for The Economist and my ThinkingSpace 😉

Her er noen som kunne vært litt mer kreative !! Her er en som er veldig kreativ!

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